Nic Leobold for Assembly, Mayor, President & Grand Poobah of the East, North and West.
The 1,010% libertarian choice from the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party.

*NOTE: I am no longer a big-L Libertarian (no longer LP Party), I am now a free market anarchist,
anarcho-capitalist and voluntaryist and even more radically pro-liberty, anti-state, anti-war and pro-free markets. But I am leaving this website up for educational purposes. I believe the LP Party movement can attract pro-liberty activists and supporters who can eventually become free market anarchists from what they learn in the LP.

Contact info: nleobold(at)  Campaign mailing address: nleobold(at)

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Donations and contributions by cash, check or money orders made out and mail to: Only accepting PayPal donations at this time. Disclaimer: I do not recognize nor participate in any governmental campaign finance disclosure or reporting schemes per The 1st Amendment, Bill of Rights, u.S. Constitution. See below.
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