Nic Leobold for Assembly, Mayor, President & Grand Poobah of the East, North and West.
The 1,010% libertarian choice from the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party.

*NOTE: I am no longer a big-L Libertarian (no longer LP Party), I am now a free market anarchist,
anarcho-capitalist and voluntaryist and even more radically pro-liberty, anti-state, anti-war and pro-free markets. But I am leaving this website up for educational purposes. I believe the LP Party movement can attract pro-liberty activists and supporters who can eventually become free market anarchists from what they learn in the LP.

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Nic Leobold's Campaign Platform To Make New York State An Oasis of Liberty, Prosperity, and Happiness
-Eliminate ALL Taxes--Fund the government solely with voluntary optional donations. Keep ALL your hard-earned money and wealth. Keep your WHOLE paycheck every week! Eliminate the Income Tax, Sales Tax, Death Tax, Utilities Taxes, Gas Tax, Capital Gains Taxes, Real Estate Taxes, Tobacco & Liquor Taxes, Licensing Fees (Licenses), Corporate Taxes -- END THEM ALL!
-Completely De-Regulate NY State's Economy. Usher in a new era of opportunity, prosperity and Liberty!
-Privatize Education, Auction-Off and Close All Public Schools. Encourage Competition, Choice and Quality through a private sector free-enterprise educational market for parents & kids.
(Also, end government-subsidized student loans and end corporate welfare for universities, university "research" and fat cat "professors", which will return higher education to a competitive business model that offers value for value in a free market and end forever the inflated tuition and bloated bureacracies and administrations of the current government-educational-industrial complex/boondoggle. And of course, completely eliminate the u.S Department of Education, NY State "Education" Dept., and NYC "Board of Education" [The NYC Board for Child Abuse].)
-Legalize and De-Regulate ALL Drugs, Medicines, Plants, Tobacco Products, Beverages and Foods. End the "War On Drugs", Repeal Rockefeller Drug Laws, pardon all non-violent drug convicts, No more prescriptions/Rx's/permission slips required to buy the medicines you need/want. Legalize raw milk and all foodstuffs. Legalize flavored cigarettes and all tobacco products. Legalize all recreational drugs. Close the FDA, the DEA, the FTC, and the Agriculture Dept. Close all state liquor licensing agencies. Eliminate ALL taxes on tobacco, medicines, medical care, alcohol, and any other substances.
-Legalize the Gambling & Pleasure Industries. Allow private casinos, brothels, massage parlors, strip clubs, bars, lounges, cafes, social clubs, private clubs, and all private voluntary association/s without any regulation. This is a FREE COUNTRY. Pleasure is not a crime, it is a virtue!
-Repeal the NY Cabaret Laws. Allow dancing everywhere. Dancing is not a crime!
-Restore the drinking age to 18 and then lower it to 16 as in most European countries. Our young people are responsible and competent. Then see below.
-Restore our Individual/Human/Moral/Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Carry Concealed or Open-Carry With No Licenses/Permits/Permission Slips (The Human/Individual/Moral/Ethical/Natural/God-Given Right to Self-Defense and the 2nd Amendment). Repeal ALL "gun control" laws (victim-disarmament/criminal-enablement laws). Repeal dangerous "Gun-Free School Zones" (School Targeting and Vulnerability Zoning) Buy handguns, longarms, and all knives and swords over-the-counter at your local pharmacy, hardware store or convenience store. Criminals, terrorists, government thugs and other psychos will not last long in an armed society.
-Bring our NY State National Guard troops and u.S. military men and women home from overseas to protect our states and communities, end all the wars immediately and totally, close all foreign military bases, stop all "foreign aid" (dictator/plutarcrat welfare), even if we have to defy the President or mutiny.
-Restore Complete Jury Nullification so jurors can judge the law as well as the facts. Eliminate all jury selection regulations and fill juries randomly with no juror elimination allowed. Allow defendants their complete Human/Constitutional Right to select anyone they wish to represent them, not just government-licensed "attorneys".
-Auction off all state infrastructure, roads, bridges, buildings, utilities, water, equipment and assets including the NYC Transit System and MTA and restore private management and competency to our state.
-Re-open Investigation Into 9/11 "Terrorist" Attacks - Determine if this was a false-flag attack conspired by the Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rove-Rumsfeld-Powell-Albright-Clinton cabal. 911WAIJ. (9/11 Was An Inside Job.)
-Prosecute George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld et al for mass murder in Iraq and Afghanistan Wars of Aggression based on lies, resulting in the deaths of over 500,000 men, women and children, mass displacement, 4,500 American deaths and tens of thousands maimed. See: author Vincent Bugliosi: "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder".
-Prosecute Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Al Gore for mass murder and crimes against humanity for Iraq embargo and no-fly zones killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children. Madeleine Albright comment to CBS' 60 Minutes on the thousands of dead children: "It was all worth it". 
-Prosecute Barack Hussein (AKA Barry Soetoro/AKA other/s) Obama, Joseph Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and any other Congressmen voting for illegal Wars of Aggression: for murder, assault, torture, kidnapping, Treason, conspiracy, perjury, grand theft, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes.
-Prosecute Rudy "Benito" Giuliani, Mike "SS Adolph Hitler" Bloomberg, Andrew "Slime" Cuomo, David "Mr. Incompetent" Dinkins, Ed "White Trash" Koch, Mario "Integrity sold" Cuomo, Eliot "Thug" Spitzer, George "Rino" Pataki, David "Coke" Patterson and all other NY government thugs guilty of corruption, theft, assault, murder, violating Oaths of Office, abuse of power, false imprisonment, and violations of Civil Rights. 
-Defend Complete Home Schooling Rights of Parents, Families and Children. Stop harrassing home schooling parents with regulations and intrusions.                                                                                                                                                                 
-Introduce new Age of Majority for young people of 13 years old, including Voting Rights, Right of Emancipation, Drivers Licenses, Gun Rights, Right of Consensual Relations, Drinking/Social Rights and Right to Enter Into Contracts. Youngsters not able to engage those rights would not do so by nature.
-Abolish the Administration for Childrens' Services (ACS)--End the Invasions, Harrassments and Oppressions of Families, Parents and Children.
-Eliminate the "New York City Police Department" and "NY State Police" (the politicians' gang of hired thugs and protection rackets), open the market for private security services and Concealed and Open Carry Rights for citizens.
-Close the New York Fire Department, go back to volunteer and private firefighting and ambulance services.
-Completely de-regulate and privatize the medical system of New York State. Close all public hospitals. Send back all Medicaid and Medicare payments from the federal government. Allow the private free market and independent, market-disciplined doctors and medical professionals to once again provide the best state-of-the-art medical care in the world at affordable prices for all, at all price points.
-Get the government out of the marriage business, end government licensing of marriage, make marriage and consensual relationships private voluntary contractual agreements between consenting parties, allow polygamy, polyandry, transgender, GBLT and any other consensual voluntary relationships/private marriages.
-Abolish all federal and state immigration regulations. Allow unlimited, unregulated free immigration and freedom of movement and travel to invigorate and strengthen the New York and national economies. Institute free and open borders. Use advanced technology to root out terrorists, dangerous criminals and infectious disease.
-Normalize trade relations, diplomatic ties, cultural exchange with ALL countries. Repeal all laws restricting individual citizen travel and contributions to foreign charities, countries, organizations and causes.
-Eliminate all parking meters, parking regulations, and parking tickets. Allow real estate brokers, speculators, and private individuals to buy the streets and sidewalks in a free market and set their own regulations and fees, as long as open non-discriminatory access is maintained according to common law.
-End all public governmental racist/sexist/ageist/ist-ist affirmative action programs in NY State and America. Bar the government from using or recognizing any discriminating characteristics of any individuals except their Human and Constitutional Rights and Privacy.
-Abolish the New York City, NY State and Federal Campaign Finance Laws and restore complete Freedom of Speech and Political Rights to New York. Eliminate the FEC, and close all state election law boards.
-Restore COMPLETE Individual Liberty and Privacy and ALL 10 ARTICLES of the Bill of Rights. Repeal and Rewrite the NY State Constitution according to the Principles of the Founding Mothers and Fathers of the Republic and the ideals and fundamentals of libertarian philosophy.
-Finally, once Liberty has been restored and the markets have stabilized, abolish government completely, once and for all, and convert to an anarcho-capitalist, voluntaryist, private free-market free-enterprise country. recommended websites and links:

The Philosophy of Liberty Video
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